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  • BuckMontana

    May 17, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Hello LoveFist staff,

    Thank you for giving me a chance to appeal my ban. I was banned last weekend for Metagaming on the evidence of having people in the city open in my twitch. I apologize to the staff and the citizens of LF, i did not mean to attempt to Metagame and tried to have no ill intentions behind this. I was trying to support the streamers of LF, however I did it in a very negative way.

    My actions were not okay, and I take full responsibility in that. I will do better and make better decisions in the future.

    After spending a week out of the city I have learned that keeping twitch streams open while in the city is not a good way to support the people in LF and from now on I will keep all streams closed while in the city. If I watch a stream while I am not in the city I will carry no information learned in the stream into the city and will not allow it to affect my RP or those around me.

    I am writing this today in hopes to have my perm ban overturned and be able to return back to the city I love so dearly and RP with those who I have built a long lasting friendship with. I love this city and would want to RP no other place than right here in LoveFist.

    As a first time offender of the rules I now understand the severity of my actions and the potential impact it had on those who play along side me here at LoveFist.

    Thank you very much to any staff that looks into my case, I appreciate the work you do on a daily basis and I hope that we can continue on the adventure of Buck Montana by the rules and fair to everyone involved.

    Thank you all for everything you do.

    -Buck Montana, aka Jordan Siczy

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