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  • DudeRockTV

    March 28, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Server Guidelines and Regulation

    The rules are up to interpretation by the staff, and can be changed or flexed in order to enforce Roleplay over Ruleplay
    The Staff’s decisions are final, no matter the rule

    The admin team has the right to remove any player from the server for any reason deemed detrimental to the community. Including, but not limited to the following.

    Discord Rules:
    Any messages sent or received, or any channel or conversation in the LevelX Discord are all considered OOC.
    By default, any message you receive out of the game is OOC, and cannot be used in game.
    ‘Discord’, ‘Discordia’ , “Emails”, etc, and any mentions of contacting a character OUTSIDE of the city is considered fail RP and will result in a ban.
    If you want to email someone, email them through our socials:

    Examples: You are not allowed to send someone a message for a status update on something happening in game.

    Age Rule:
    Age Required to be Whitelisted 18+

    Green Zones:
    Green zones are a safe zone where no violence can take place
    Pillbox Medical Hospital
    All Police Stations
    The Courthouse (during session)

    Toxicity Rule:
    Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community
    If you have an issue address it properly, not in ways to create drama or be negative
    If you want to talk, we can plan a meeting, we are all ears

    Mic Rule
    A Working mic is required to be involved in our community

    OOC Rule:
    Stay in character at all times
    Using /ooc while in character will be considered as FailRP and will be subject to disciplinary actions

    /ooc Can someone help me I am stuck in my apartment

    /ooc That was just straight failrp im reporting you
    /ooc Who just shot me?!

    Using what you’ve learned from watching other streams and chats to make large leaps in speculation to end up “knowing” how things work
    Purposely using or relaying information which your character did not learn in game

    Twitch Chats and Discord Channels and videos included to shape in game Roleplay
    Using your PD Character’s knowledge on another Character

    Roleplaying outside of your character traits
    Abusing mechanics, and using means not actually in game to gain an advantage
    Sprinting/Fighting as soon as you leave the hospital, or are revived by medics Talking/Organizing while downed
    Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means


    • Driving over 100 Mph In the heart of the city at any time
    • Running at someone who has a weapon pointed at you
    • Running after being ejected from a vehicle
    • Roleplaying you have unrealistic superpowers
    • Using friends or fake hostages
    • Cop baiting
    • Stay true to your physical character

    If you are an old or overweight character etc you should always have your physical “level” in mind

    Police / EMS / Department of Justice Rules:
    Corrupt Police Staff, Hospital Staff, Department of Justice Staff are forbidden on this server.
    The definition of corrupt is intentionally breaking the law or SOP’s for monetary or social gain.
    Using your Police / EMS / DOJ Character to provide information to Members of an Org / Gang is consider Metagaming and Powergaming.

    Attacking or Running Over another player for no reason and or story line building up to it
    A Shootout can occur without dialog if for some reason a group of people have come so far to be considered in “war”

    Value of Life:
    You must value your life and the lives of others
    Do not attempt to draw a weapon while being held at gunpoint or carelessly injure NPCs
    You may not run at someone with a melee weapon if at gunpoint – you may only defend yourself at a realistic distance
    You must value your life and the lives of others (not at the detriment of your own)
    If you have a gun to your head and you run away – this is a serious violation of this rule
    You must comply to reasonable demands if your life is under threat – by weapons or numbers
    There is a value of freedom – once physically attacked you have the right to defend yourself or run for safety
    Once a Hostage has complied they cannot be killed


    • A hostage complies and allows you to rob them of items & money
    • A hostage complies and allows you to take their vehicle

    New life Rule:
    If you have been downed and revived at the Hospital your character completely forgets every immediate event that happened up to that moment of going to the light
    If you have been notified by EMS or Police that they are on the way to the scene or not to revive for any reason you must not do so

    If you are executed in a roleplay scenario in which you are left in the ocean, left in the middle of no where you should not remember this scenario
    Any situation that “COULD” invoke a perma-death means that you should not remember the events that occurred


    • Being dropped in the water
    • being executed in an isolated place
    • being burned alive

    Examples of Scenarios that would allow you to remember:

    • Being dropped off outside Pillbox
    • Having 911 called to your location and revived
    • Being revived by EMS quickly after going down
    • These rules are not hard and fast rules and are intentionally left up to interpretation
    • Constantly making someone forget that you “downed” them is boring and kills RP
    • Constantly killing and dumping bodies is highly discouraged and can lead to punishment for Powergaming

    Group Size Rule:
    Criminal groups are only allowed 4 players during robberies
    Criminal groups are allowed 5 players when attempting to rob the Pacific Standard Bank
    (No more than 8 people total may participate in a planned non-robbery scenario)

    Any of the following are consider part of the robbery
    Radio Communication – This includes ALL people in your Radio Channel
    Lookout – Anyone outside of the Robbery relaying information
    Getaway Driver(s)

    You are strictly forbidden from using friends or fake hostages

    Gang War Rules:

    1. War lasts until someone surrenders. (make sure you are actually fighting for something)

    2. 8 Members per org max.

    3. 8 people max per scenario.

    4. Hospital is a green zone. Keep it out of the public eye.

    5. You must remain to wear your orgs set colors/styles that you wear when not at war. (IE. Vagos-Yellow – MC-BikerJackets/Red – MS13-Blue – Mafia-Suits with Fedora black and white – Strokers-RedTies)

    5. Kidnappings can last a max of 30 mins.
    6. 30 minutes between each altercation.

    Hosting Events Rule:
    We wish to empower players willing to host events
    For every event, the players may obtain sanctioned protections or sponsorship’s from the city
    They have to go through the Mayor/Judge

    Purchasing 1000 guards for an event, to make it so that its a ‘no violence/no guns’ events
    This gives an in character reason to give fear to the criminals at the event so that no one takes the attention away from the event that the event planner took 30 hours to put together

    Twitch TOS Rule:
    Every Player must follow all of the Twitch TOS Guidelines click:

    Prohibited Roleplay:
    Entering the Military base is not allowed unless permission is expressly given
    Suicide RP is banned in all forms
    Devil Possession RP is banned in all forms
    Rape RP and other forms of Sexual Harassment RP are strictly prohibited with a zero tolerance policy

    Sever Restarts / Crashes:
    You may not use a server restart or crash to gain advantage
    You may not use a server restart or crash to escape an RP situation you were in before the restart/crash
    You must wait for the other players to reconnect if possible, and then continue the RP
    Reach out in discord if you are unsure someone is coming back
    You may not start a robbery 30 minutes before or 15 minutes after a server restart
    This is considered Powergaming

    Player Creation and Playing Rules / Guidelines

    When creating a character you are not just putting a name on a model. Also consider:

    • What are the personality traits of your character?
    • Hard working or lazy?
    • Shy or confident?
    • Old or Young?

    Give your character some strengths and weaknesses and think about how your character would react to things based on those traits

    • What is the background for this character?
    • Where do they come from?

    This does not have to be too detailed but might make your life easier in the future of roleplay
    Remember you are playing the life of this character so stick to your character traits! so their experiences should let your character evolve. Let the consequences of your actions have an effect on your character
    Your character can’t be all things or involved in everything. If there’s something else you’d like to try out consider creating another character and building a story up to it
    A character shouldn’t be a Lawyer-CEO-Gangster-Psycho-Rambo who tries to be involved in all of the criminal groups
    Be mindful about how you try to enter on-going scenarios and story lines
    You can interact with people to see if an opportunity shows itself but don’t just show up out of nowhere trying to impact or steer a current story line if your story hasn’t lead up to it
    A couple of characters are involved in a story line where they perform a job or own a business and then another character shows up out of nowhere and kidnaps one without and lead up but just to antagonize them or what they’re doing
    Once your character has reached or failed to reach their goals it might be time to consider this character’s story is coming to an end. Perhaps consider other new characters you might want to play

    A player may decide that events in their character’s story have lead towards the character being dead for good
    The death of a character can have a big impact on not only its story but the stories of the characters connected to it
    If your character is downed and you decide it’s time for it’s perma-death. All that has to be done is give the correct signals to medical personnel
    You may use the /me command to give the EMS characters the right signals you are doing so


    • “/me has no pulse.”
    • “/me has died due to their injuries.”

    During your time in Los Santos you will meet a vast variety of people
    From government officials and law enforcement to small business owners and various types of criminals
    The goal is for players to provide each other with an immersive experience and add to each other’s stories

    With EMS:
    If you are downed (by accident or a victim of a crime) you must wait for police or EMS to arrive
    When help arrives both sides should strive to provide good scenario for each other
    EMS will act in a professional manner during the situation and the civilian will roleplay out their injuries to the best of their ability
    Use of /me to provide extra information of vitals and injuries is encouraged

    With Police:
    Police will behave in a professional manner towards the public and each other while the public will provide a base level of respect you’d generally give police
    Be mindful of when in police custody, and provide info through the use of the /me command for police to use in their investigations
    When a player is downed or put in handcuffs by police they are considered being in police custody. Once in custody the current crime or pursuit scenario is over and switches over to an arrest/investigation scenario[/color]
    During an arrest/investigation scenario friends of the person(s) under arrest may no longer interfere and civilians not needed for questioning or involved should leave the area
    After downing an Officer you must flee the scene. Staying nearby would be considered FailRP
    You are not allowed to loot a downed Officer. Officers must have their items taken from them during a holdup

    Here are some things to consider when making a criminal character
    Build Up and Pacing: don’t just rush in to be a master criminal on day one
    Let your character make connections and learn how crime works in this city before making big moves like robbing banks or taking on potential rivals

    Criminals should be mindful of the attention from police their actions may generate
    Give yourself enough time between your crimes for things to cool down
    You should expect to get more police attention, longer jail times/fines, and investigations if you repeatedly commit crimes in a small time frame

    Criminal Hierarchy:
    Eventually your character may learn or come in contact with the structure of the criminal world
    All criminals had to work their way up in this structure at some point and this climb can be a very important part of their story
    Making connections in this world will help evolve your story

    While some organizations and criminals may work together from time to time conflict is expected
    Territory / Resources / Consumers / Power will drive many of these conflicts
    Conflict and cooperation both help make stories interesting. Make sure to have good amounts of both. Avoid large alliances that never allow for conflict

    The setting for our story lines is the State of Los Santos and the counties within it
    It’s a state made up of several million people with your characters being a sample of the people in it
    While your characters may vary depending on what you prefer the State of Los Santos will act and should be treated as a realistic state
    A lot of the balance for a character may come from this
    If a player decides to make a psycho killer and go on a spree the player should expect this type of character to be short-lived and once caught to be punished to the fullest extent of the law

    Other Rules

    Game Mechanics:
    Players should not be using in game mechanics for blatantly unintended purposes just to gain an edge or activities which don’t produce any story based roleplay


    • Using the carry mechanic or shooting each other with tasers for no reason
    • Using bikes for robbery scenarios
    • Using spawn & respawn locations to find players to gain an advantage (Pillbox, Train Station, Jail)
    • Getting into an altercation and using a Green Zone for safety

    Players may take pictures with their phone using the emote. They may record using a camera
    The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass etc)

    Multiple Characters in the same Org / Gang:
    This is not allowed
    In general try to avoid creating multiple characters involved in the same story/scenarios and could use the same information to push their goals

    Flying without a license or using a stolen aircraft may results in interception from the FistForce
    Do not fly without a valid license

    Clone RP:
    You can not roleplay the same character on different characters
    When you make a new character, it is a clean slate. It is your responsibility to remember who you’ve met and who you associate with on which character
    Crossing between both characters is considered FailRP[

    Having a Police character and Criminal character with same personality, traits, voice, associations, friendships
    Having two characters with the same name, is strictly against the rules
    Creating family members to your characters, “Cousins/Brothers/Etc”

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